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Mind, games

Various IQ, mind puzzle and games - wooden cubes, pyramids, string games, gift sets, wooden tetris, bamboo cubes, brain test games, wooden puzzle and other logic games, 3D cardboard puzzles

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Magic trick<br>The Great Escape
Price: €8.11
EU VAT: €9.90  
Magic trick<br>Magic pen
Price: €8.11
EU VAT: €9.90  
Magic trick<br>The Magic Rings
Price: €8.11
EU VAT: €9.90  
Magic trick<br>Flying coins
Price: €8.11
EU VAT: €9.90  
Magic trick<br>Sponges Balls
Price: €8.11
EU VAT: €9.90  
Magic trick<br>Svengali
Price: €8.11
EU VAT: €9.90  
Magic trick<br>Cups and Balls
Price: €8.11
EU VAT: €9.90  
Halma <br> Chinese checkers
Price: €12.21
EU VAT: €14.90  
Price: €17.95
EU VAT: €21.90  
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Digitalna šahovska ura|rač DGT Pi
Special Offer : €245.00
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Hanayama <br>Plošča

Price: €12.90
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Dubrovnik Royal <br> Male
Dubrovnik Royal

Price: €56.00
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