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Mini puzzle
Broken hearted

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3118   0.10 kg

Material: wood
Size (in cm): 6,5 x 5 x 1,3

In the nights following many of his amorous adventerues, world famous gigolo Casanova was frequently haunted by a particular nightmare. In the dreams the objekt of his most recent conquest would appear vividly before him quite literaly brokenhearted with grie- her heart appearing broken into several places. Try as he might, he could never mend the broken heart and free the woman from her agony. He would awake trembling in a cold sweat. After some time he could bear it no longer and resolved to refrain from further adventures until he had solved the problem. He commissioned a friend to make him a heart out of wood, which could be broken into nine pieces, just like the hearts of his lovers in the dream.
The plan obviously worked- otherwisewe would presumably have heard no more of his exploits. We would not want your career as a heartbreaker to be disturbed in such a distressing manner and therefore recommend that you take precaution of learning the solution to this puzzle in advance...

Warning! Not suitable for children under 36 months.

Mini puzzle <br> Broken hearted

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