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Mephisto Expert Travel Chess

Price: €119.99

Price without VAT for non EU residents : €98.35

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Very powerful, very portable, and packed with exciting special features!

• RISC-style processor provides incredible strength and extremely fast response times!
• Versatile in so many ways - a challenging opponent for even the best players, yet also includes levels and features designed especially for beginners.
• Features "soft touch" sensory board, info-packed LCD display, 16 LED board lights, Auto Power Down option, and game memory when switched off.
• Select from a remarkable array of over 500 level setting combinations, including specialized levels for all types of players!
• This computer thinks ahead during your turn, planning its strategies in advance - makes for a though opponent! Sound too difficult for you? Activating Easy Mode will turn this feature off!
• Look in on the computer's thought process - see its predicted line of play, search depth, position evaluation, and so much more!
• Have a mate problem you'd like to solve? Select one of the Mate Search Levels and let the computer find the solution, up to mate in 8 moves!
• Position Mode lets you set up board positions; Verify Mode shows you correct piece positions.
• Practice playing with different types of openings - choose form several built-in libraries, including Active, Passive, and Tournament Books!
• Experiment to your heart's content - you can take back up to 50 individual moves!
• So many other features, including Bronstein Clock options, "Guardian Angel" Coach to help you along the way, selectable search methods, and much more!
• Ready to go anywhere you go - includes protective cover and piece storage area!

Saitek's most sophisticated portable chess computer. Program strength combined with many advanced features makes this the ultimate compact computer available for the expert chess player.

Dimensions: 23 x 18 x 4 cm
King height: 1,1 cm
Board dimensions: 11,1 cm
Square dimensions: 1,4 cm
Material: plastic

Charging: batteries 4 x Mignon

Computer strength: ELO Manufacturer: 2000

Warning! Not suitable for children under 36 months

Mephisto Expert Travel Chess

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